March 29, 2012

Spring Break 2012

tunnel tree
a huge tree that had fallen over. these are the roots.
a burn spot in a tree

el capitan, clouds rest, half dome, cathedral rock, bridal veil falls
our stuff drying out by the fire after our long waterfall hike. most of it was through slushy snow, melting run off water and huge puddles.
big long tunnel leaving yosemite valley
this is a description of what is in that other picture of all the famous spots. kinda hard to see. i took the picture without being able to see what it looked like cuz it was so bright.
top of vernal falls.

I spotted this little beauty on the way up so we called it Sara's secret falls
Vernal falls
walking up the trail.

Yosemite falls.
lower falls

mirror lake
trees above our campground

we like tunnels. Hold your breath!
our first camp spot aka the river
our new camp spot
driving to yosemite over 88. so pretty.
so much snow!!
then all the green
a lake we saw along the way
view spot right at the beginning of yosemite park
Lunch break at squaw

there is a tram in this picture. can you spot it?
Josh and Zack playing call of duty
Lake Tahoe
Zack and Kendall
At Sand Harbor

The water is so clear. you can see almost 80 feet down! not here of course, its shallow but you get the idea.
Happy St. Patty's day. Shamrock shakes MMMM
Leaving Bishop
Gas was so expensive over the pass between bishop and Reno. This was one of the cheaper places.
way good restaurant we ate at on the way cuz I had to go potty.

For spring break this year we decided to take a road trip. We had whisperings of Guatamala which turned out to be too terrifying and a free trip to Haiti which turned out to not be free... So, while I was getting my taxes done I was chatting with the accountant ( a super cute old man from our ward who I adore) and he told me that Yosemite is only a couple hours from Bishop. Well Josh had planned to work in bishop a couple days during spring break anyway so we called our friends and asked if they would want to go camping. both couples said yes so we planned it all out...
We were going to go work in bishop, drive to reno to visit some old friends that just moved from here and see tahoe and go skiing, then all drive to yosemite and come home. Well the couple who was going to drive with us said they couldn't get a babysitter for that long so they were out. Then after we got to bishop and had already booked the campsite our friends from reno said it was too cold and they didnt want to go anymore.... We left GV with some friends who have 2 big labs and he had a great time.
So our trip started out in Bishop on St. Patricks day. We had a yummy BBQ dinner and then got green shamrock shakes from McDonalds. SO good! We worked in the clinic SATURDAY and I assisted Josh all day. We were able to get out of working on monday so SUNDAY morning we drove to reno. The drive was so pretty with all the snow. We made it to Reno and had a homecooked meal of chicken Parmesan. Josh and Zack played call of duty and madden while they waited for Kendall to get home from work. MONDAY we rented our skis and then went for a drive around lake Tahoe. It was absolutely gorgeous. Completely breath taking. It is hard to deny that there is a creator when you see such beauty. TUESDAY we went skiing at Squaw. they had the olympics there in the 60's I think. We got tickets for 45 and then josh got his free for being in the military so we were able to ski for about $100 including rentals for both of us. thats how much just a regular day lift ticket is for one person! They had 7 feet of new snow but it had been raining also so it was very wet and sticky. I fell a lot and was so scared. I was crawling down the mountain and crying and trying to remember how to turn. Poor Josh followed me all the way making sure I was ok. He would have to push me up hill because I went so slow down that I didn't have the momentum. He would walk up to get me when I couldn't make it down a hill. He held me when I cried and gave me words of encouragement and inspiration as I was attempting my descent. He was so sweet and patient and I'm so grateful that he puts up with me. I decided not to go back up after lunch and just enjoyed the village and the view from the car. It was a miracle I didn't break anything. I was so embarrassed because our friends have been skiing since they were tiny and were even in the ski club. But they were all very kind and patient so Thanks guys! We got home pretty early and took a nap. We went to the movies and saw 21 jump street. It was HILARIOUS. a little raunchy but still funny to us.
WEDNESDAY josh got up early and prepared the breakfast burritos for our camping trip and wrapped them in foil. we had cut up our vegis and planned all our meals out. We got all our stuff loaded up and made some final attempts to get our friends to reconsider. They wouldn't so we headed out. We returned our skis and then stopped by the pharmacy to get josh allergy medicine. They stopped accepting his insurance so we went to walmart. They couldnt find his member number so it took an hour for it to get all figured out. We finally got the prescriptions and got out of town around noon. we stopped in Carson City to buy firewood. It was some crazy people who let their kids play outside in the cold with no clothes or shoes on. so sad.
The road that only takes a couple hours to get to Yosemite was closed for the winter due to snow so we had to go all the way around which would take 6 hours. Again, the scenic route was gorgeous! there was tons of snow on top of the mountain but as we got further down into the valley it was super green. we made it to the park around 5:30 but still had to drive about an hour to the camp ground. we stopped to take pictures along the way and made it to our camp site around 6:30. the attendant had left at 6 and our camp spot was a river. it was meant for RV's but we have a tent so it wouldn't work. we drove to the front and found a list of open spots for that night only. We picked a few and drove around to find a good one. the camp ground was covered in snow and we didn't have a shovel so we needed one that was already clear. We found a perfect one hidden by some big rocks and trees and was already cleared. We quickly set up our tent and unloaded all our stuff into the bear proof locker. Josh got a fire going and we roasted hot dogs for dinner and marshmallows for smores.
THURSDAY: we got up and warmed our burritos in the dutch oven. they were so warm and delicious and we were in good spirts. Yosemite is so pretty and we were happy to be alive. Josh drove to tell the attendant we had moved spots and they said great but you can't stay there because its reserved. So we worried and I was mad and we didn't know what to do but we decided to stay another night there. We went for a walk to mirror lake and then to see yosemite falls. Both hikes were quick and easy but so amazing. We visited the museum and the Ansel Adams gallery. Then for dinner we made dutch oven potatoes and steak burgers. fantastic meal! for desert josh made dutch oven cobbler. We shared with our neighbors and they were super grateful. That night it started pouring rain! we had left out our chairs, the wood and playing cards, my gloves and some other things which were all soaked. also our tent got soaked and started coming through the floor onto our sleeping pads. Josh jumped up as soon as he noticed and got everything covered or moved.
FRIDAY we tried starting a fire with wet wood and actually did a pretty good job. we got our breakfast cooked which was cinnamon rolls and burritos. too yummy! We figured we might as well move since most likely the people would be coming that day and we didn't want to cause any problems. We took all the stuff out of the tent and just picked it up and moved it to the campsite across the way which was available. We set it down and got everything all moved over. we went on a long hike (rougly 8 miles we guessed adding it all up) to see the nevada and vernal falls. we hiked to nearly the top of the cliff and had some phenomenal views. we took a trail that was supposed to be closed but several people were doing it. We had a great time and were happy to be able to spend so much time together just the 2 of us. We got back to find that the snow bank next to the tent was melting and the trenches josh dug were already filled with water. So we had to pick it up and move it again. I was a little annoyed and pretty grumpy but we finally got it all in order again. that night we had left over potatoes and BBQ chicken. and smores for dessert again.
SATURDAY: We got up and had breakfast. then started to pack up all our stuff. We finally got out of the site around 10:30 and drove another hour or so to the Mariposa grove of giant sequoia trees. They were incredible! They are so big its hard to imagine they have been around for thousands of years. one tree was bigger than the empire state building or a 757 jet. it was 1800 years old. the sign said that every 5-20 years there is a fire, which is good for them, so imagine how many things it had been through and was still standing! we had a good walk around the forest and saw some of the more famous trees. Then it was homeward bound. We drove through Fresno and Bakersfield and made it home around 6:30. we got everything unloaded and cleaned up and then went to get GV. He was having way to much fun with those big labs. he would hang on their ears and bite their ankles. Then they would all 3 play tug-a-war with one toy and drag gv around the house. We are so lucky to have suck amazing friends and neighbors(ward members) that we have gotten so close to and that are so willing to help. We are truly blessed and have a wonderful happy life. We are so thankful that we were able to take this fun trip together and to see such natural beauty. Our testimony's were strengthened for sure!

Josh's Pride and Joy

Josh has been wanting a little truck, specifically a toyota tacoma 2000-2003 model. Well he had been actively searching for one for a few months and couldn't find one that met all his criteria. he wanted 4 wheel drive, low miles, specific body style in good condition, clean, close by.... finally he found one in Temecula that seemed perfect. We drove down to see it and he fell in love. He had cash from his loan disbursement and we took down the amount we wanted to get it for. the guy had only owned it a couple weeks but couldn't get in and out very easy because it was lifted 6 inches and he was old. He thought that he could sell the lift and make some money back but he couldn't. We wanted it lifted so that was good for us but he wasn't willing to budge on the price. We spent more than I wanted to but it was really the perfect truck. It is a 2003 with only 120,000 miles. it had only one owner before the guy we bought it from and he kept it impeccably clean. He used it to find lizards in the desert. So Josh got his anniversary, valentines, birthday and chirstmas gift for the next 2 years.