September 30, 2009

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place!!

Small view of the mountains from our balcony. They do remind me a little of home :)

Table and chairs out on the patio.

Dining room table. I just love this table cloth!

Guest Bathroom, The blue bucket was in my grandma's garage and I asked her for it and now it was the inspiration behind the whole bathroom! Thanks grandma
The star Josh bought me for my birthday because he knew how much I loved it when I saw it in the window of the store. What a cutie pie huh?

Guest bathroom.

living room

Shelf in the living room

Living room


Dining Room

Laundry room

Guest Bedroom! This bed is sooo soft and comfy. You should all come visit really soon!!

Office /guest bedroom

Hall way. These are wedding pictures from my mom's parents (top left) My dad's parents, (top right), my parents, bottom left, and Josh's parents(bottom right)

Master Bathroom

Faith in God includes Faith in his timing... in master bath

Master bedroom. Our new king size bed I got an awesome deal on thanks to Craigs list and the new Bedspread I bought at Ross for $34. Same one at walmart was $99. I was excited.
more master Bedroom. Gotta love the hampers.

Since we moved to Cali back at the end of July we have been living in a small one bedroom apartment with most of our things still in boxes stacked from floor to ceiling in the dining room. We had all our furniture crammed into it and it felt like we were living in a storage unit. It was actually a very nice apartment for the price and the location. We lucked out. It had a great master walk in closet that I loved and will miss and also a huge tub in the bathroom that was very cool. It was nice for a temporary thing but was not working very well because we have WAY to much stuff! I am a neat freak and my OCD was getting the best of me. Josh told me to take pictures of it but I was to stubborn and said I didn't want to remember it. So you will just have to take my word for it and use your imagination to visualize how uncomfortable I felt there. So now that the house fell through and we found this other apartment I feel much better that I know where I will be living for the next 4 years and don't have to stress anymore. We decided that renting, although its more expensive, makes more sense right now.

I am sooo happy to finally have a place to call home. We got all moved into our new apartment, unpacked, and even decorated!! My mom and grandma came to help me and we went shopping for a big cupboard to put in the dining room for more storage because the kitchen had hardly any. I had no where to put half of my dishes and forget about the food storage! So we found a really nice one at home depot that matched the kitchen really well and was a great price and exactly what we needed. My mom and I put it all together and then my grandma helped me put everything away in it. It worked out just perfectly! My grandma also bought us a little butcher block for some added counter space so we have more room to work. We made the not so great kitchen work for us. Then they helped me get a few little things like curtains and towels and stuff so that we had everything we needed and the house would feel like a home. My mom decided to just do an early Christmas since we needed the help now. After they left, I was able to get the last of our things unpacked and put away and now this apartment feels like home.

Some little things to update about....
The day after we moved in, we were going to take the uhaul back and had brought down a load of empty boxes to throw away. Josh had backed the truck in for me because he knows how bad I am at it and told me to just put the boxes in the truck and follow him to the uhaul place. So meanwhile, I'm thinking about what mess the apartment is and how there isn't enough storage to put all our things away and am completely overwhelmed. I had no clue where the dumpsters were and was trying to look around for some so I could stop and empty the truck out and just started driving and turning towards what I thought was the trash. All of a sudden there is this awful sound and the truck is bumping around so I assumed I had hit the curb like I usually do and just kept going. Well then I snapped out of my funk and realized that wasn't a normal "curb" sound so I stopped and backed up. I looked over at Josh who had a horrified look on his face. I started driving towards him and he looked at the side of the truck and threw his hands in the air and turned away. I threw the truck into park and jumped out and ran around to see what had happened. The passenger door s were all mashed in and there was a big yellow mark all the way down. I had hit a huge yellow fire hydrant :( Thats what I get for not paying attention to what I was doing. I felt so bad I just couldn't stop crying. I was all worried about the truck, the apartment, money, school.... that I just couldn't control my emotions any more. I called my mom and was hysterical. That is when she decided to call my grandma and drive down right away. She is such a sweet heart. I am so blessed to have such a kind, thoughtful mom. She is such a good example to me and is so beautiful and strong and loving. I appreciate her so much and am just so lucky to have such a close relationship with her.

September 22, 2009

Change of Plans

This whole home buying experience has turned into a huge nightmare. It was just one thing after another going wrong. We have been dragged through the mud and back and have jumped through many hoops getting the lender all the information they wanted and then when that wasn't enough we did more. It has been pretty much out of our hands and in the hands of the title company. They have had a MONTH and still haven't found the people they need to sign off so that they can clear the title. Obviously, if the title isn't clear, we can't go forward and they still haven't shown us that they are even capable of clearing it. So after much debate, stress, prayers and careful consideration we decided to give them 24 hours to perform or cancel escrow. That was last thursday night. Friday the title company said they would drive to the people and have them sign it and have it done by Monday so we gave them until Monday and still nothing....Today they hadn't even found the people yet, let alone finished the paperwork so it could be submitted to the lender. We told the mortgage broker and the real estate broker that we wanted to back out and cancel escrow. Hopefully the seller will sign the paper quickly so we can get our $2000 back ASAP. We searched for apartments on line and looked at some where Josh's friends live. We liked a few of them but narrowed it down to 2 and finally decided on an apartment in upland. It is in a new community that is "luxury apartments" it is like a resort. There is an amazing property with great landscaping and a huge pool and spa, a big fitness center, and a club house with a gourmet kitchen and a theater room available. We are bummed that we spent all this time and effort on the house just to find out it wasn't going to work but we know that it wasn't meant to be. We did everything in our power and it just didn't happen so we feel comfortable knowing that it was just not supposed to be. Thank you all for you love, support, and prayers on our behalf. We still have a guest bedroom available when yall want to come visit! We would love to have you.

Sara and Josh

Family Vacation

The Macklin Family came over labor day weekend to bring our washer and dryer and BBQ to us and to bring my Grandma. They left on labor day and my grandma stayed with me to keep me company while Josh studied for a big test. Her and I had lots of fun just the two of us shopping, playing games, and eating! It was great bonding time for us that we haven't had since I was little. My parents and my little sister came back that Sunday and all but poor Joshy drove to Anaheim to stay in our condo down the street from Disneyland!! We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at Disneyland. My aunt Cookie and uncle Donny were able to surprise my grandma by coming all the way from Salt Lake to spend the 3 days with us at Disney. Josh came to go to dinner and spend some time with the fam on Tuesday night after school. He had his test that Monday and then helped a friend from school move. It was my dad's birthday on Wednesday and we ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Casa Garcia's on Chapman ave in Anaheim, just down from Disneyland. Thursday we spent most the day at Knott's Berry Farm. A lot of the rides were closed but it was still fun. There was hardly anyone there so we went on all the rides as many times as we wanted with out even having to get back in line. Friday we headed out to Oceanside to spend the weekend in another condo on the beach. It was harbor days there with local businesses booths and stuff on the pier. There were live bands and all sorts of yummy food and cool things to look at, not to mention some free stuff. Josh hitched a ride with a classmate who lives near oceanside and spent the weekend with my family. They crammed us into the van and took us home on Sunday and then headed back to Utah. It was so much fun getting to spend time with them and to get a little bit of a get-away. I am so glad that we decided to move to California so that we are close enough they can come over so much and spend time with me. They have done so much for us and we are very lucky to have such wonderful family. I miss them so much but i'm grateful for the time that I was able to spend with them this month. Thanks a ton guys for all you do for us!! We love you!

Me and my grandma (dad's mom) outside a Basque restaurnt. Embracing our heritage ;)\

Grandma's first time EVER on Splash Mountain at Disneyland out of the 50 years she has been going there.

me, grandma, mom, dad, tess, aunt cookie (dad's sister), Uncle Donny

Uncle Donny and Aunt Cookie! Such a fun surprise, I'm so glad they came. I wish that their kids and my dad's other sister, sandra and her family could have come too.

Saloon show at Knott's Berry Farm.

September 3, 2009

Whirl Winds!

Well Yesterday was supposed to be our closing date.... yet we are still waiting for the loan underwriters to finish reviewing our information. I called the mortgage broker EVERY day and asked how things were going and if I needed to get her any information. Every day she would assure me we were fine and on track and that it would all happen fast. Well we submitted our papers 2 weeks ago and she calls and says we need letters saying our student loans are in deferrment. But josh's school had just started and they hadn't sent out the letters yet and I was just barely accepted into a program so we had to scramble to figure something out. Well it ended up taking us an entire week! So that put us just right on schedule but we needed everything else to go fast or we wouldn't be able to close. Well then after another week with the underwriters, they decided the papers we gave them on the student loans weren't good enough and they wanted something straight from UHEAA on Josh's loans. So he and the broker called back and forth all day trying to get it figured out. So now we are thinking that was the last of it and after we turned that in they would give us final loan approval and we could order the documents and sign this week still. NOT A CHANCE!! Today I called first thing in the morning to make sure they got the paper they needed. Well all Hell had broken loose over the title. The title report that our real estate agent and broker received was clean but the report the Mortgage broker/underwriters got from another source was not clean. The house has sold so many times in the last 6 months it sent up red flags. But the wierd thing was it just kept switching between 2 people back and forth. Then the bank forclosed on it when they only owed like 20,000 and then 3 months later is was back in the same name as before the foreclosure! So bizzare! So no one could understand what was going on and they suspect some fraud so they have people from all sides of this thing trying to get it worked out. I have been waiting patiently all day to hear whats going on... So if the title is not clean like we thought, we won't get the house because its to much of a risk. So everyone please cross your fingers and keep us in your prayers that it will work out this time!! I keep trying to remember the saying "Faith in God includes faith in his timing". But I am getting so stressed out. Not to mention that we don't know yet how we will pay for my hygiene school and I have to pay $16,000 in 1 month.
the army has not paid us yet either. We have been calling and trying to get things figured out and now everything has gone through and is good to go. The school has sent the army and invoice and we should be reimbursed by the 15th. We are hoping we will get his sign on bonus and the stipend for august and september. What a nightmare right?
On top of all of that we are still trying to get buy on our savings and they are dwindling rapidly. Josh is very buys with school and studies all the time! We have been trying to do fun things on the weekends and get to know more people. We are making friends and getting more comfortable living here. We know things will all work out how they are supposed to and we will be fine but it is sure scary waiting for them to fall into place!
My family is so sweet and they are coming down this weekend, even though we aren't closed on the house as planned. They are bring their old washer and dryer for us which will save us so much money! They are also bringing our BBQ ( Josh is having withdrawls, the george forman just isn't cutting it). Then my Grandma is going to stay with us for a week and next week my family is coming back down for a week long vacation to celebrate my Dad's birthday. We are going to Disneyland for 3 days and then to Oceanside for the weekend on the beach! I can't wait to see them! This has been the longest we have been away from our families ever!

I found a sweet deal on craigslist to buy everything in a storage unit for $700. It has a king size bed and box springs with the frame, an executive desk, 2 executive chairs, filing cabnits, a table and 4 chairs, and a bunch of other little things. I am so excited! I am supposed to be going to look at it soon and hopefully we can move it right on in to our new house!

Sorry for such a long post but just thought you might like to know whats been going on.!