September 28, 2008

Sunday Drive

Josh and I took a drive up the mountain after church today. We took our camera along and had a good time trying to find rocks and trees to set it on or parking the truck in funny spots so we could set the camera on it. Josh would set it up and then run over and smile and then go check it. It was so much fun. The leaves are all changing colors and the mountain was just covered with so many different trees. The view was amazing. We enjoyed our drive so much. It was a good get away from classes and teaching and applying and all the other things that we have been so stressed about lately. The mountain is going to be one of the many things we miss most about Cedar when we have to move in the spring. We thought this was a wonderful oppurtunity to take it in as much as possible before we leave. We hope you all enjoy the pictures, even though it doesn't really do the real thing justice. Carpenters out!

September 26, 2008


Got another dental shcool interview invite by email today! The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. I am super excited that makes FOUR!

Besides that life here is kinda boring a whole lot of studying and not much else. Our friends Chase and Kenna had their baby so we are going to see them this weekend. Thats about it.
Carpenters out!

September 20, 2008

Dental School Update

I thought a lot of you might be interested to know how the process of applying to dental school was going, so I thought I would take a minute to tell everyone. For those that don't know I applied to dental school in May and this time of year the dental schools start to contact you for interviews. I now have three interviews my first interview is Friday October 3, at Western University in Pomona, California. I am super excited to see the campus it is a brand new school and the I would be in the inaugural class if I were to start in the Fall of 2009. Sara is way excited about this one too because it is only 20 min from Disneyland. It is only 6 hours away from good ol' Cedar City so that is pretty cool. Then 1 week later on October 10, I have another interview in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at a School called Temple University. I am excited about this one because I get to stay with a friend (Matt Kelly) attending that school right now and he is going to pick me up from the airport and take me to get some cheese steaks and see the steps that Rocky ran up. Then on Halloween I fly to Indianapolis, Indiana to interview at the Indiana School of Dentistry, which I am super stoked about as well. Well that's it so far I will keep everybody informed as to how they go! Carpenters out!

September 19, 2008

The Last Lake Trip

This Last weekend we went to the Quail Lake with my dad and sister. For those who don't know my dad just bought a brand new 24 foot Supreme wakeboard boat. It is awesome. I have never been on a boat so nice. We had tons of fun even though the water was a little chilly. We surfed and I wakeboarded (everyone else is too chicken). Sara is a professional kneeboarder she did a 360 on the kneeboard! Totaly awesome! Anyway Here Are som Pictures.

Me Surfing!

Sara Surfing!

The Pro Kneeboarder!


Showin off my skills! Not!

Beautiful day!!

September 7, 2008

Sara's First Mountain Biking Experience: Three Peaks

Josh and I went to three peaks with JD and Ashley for a little mountain biking. This was my first time EVER riding a bike in the mountains not to mention that the only bike I have riden since I was 10 is at the gym (trust me, its not the same). I stuggled, A LOT, but I made it all the way around the loop that we chose. I did do quite a bit of "hike a bike" but at least I finished it. We had a good time but I was so mad that I had such a hard time that when we got home we went right to the bike shop and bought a sweet mountain bike that is the perfect size and style for me. We rode our bikes to my parents house a few miles away for dinner tonight and it was mostly up hill on the way there but coming home was obviously downhill(I really like downhill!) We are planning to ride our bikes every night for about an hour and then go on some fun mountain trails on the weekends until it starts snowing here and then we will go down to st. george and ride.

Josh and I all pumped and Ready to Ride!!
The Gang Before the Ride!
JD and His Accountant ( Ashley)!
Us at the top of the mountian!