October 28, 2008

Weekend Fun!

The last two weekends Josh and I have been doing some really fun stuff. Two weekends ago on Friday we went out to dinner, then bowling, and then to off the cuff. Then Saturday we went down to St. George to have the dealership where we bought our car for the 15,000 mile service. Then we went to the temple and afterward we went to lunch and to PetCo to look for salamanders. Last weekend on Friday we went to dinner at Wingers and then went to the Cedar High VS Canyon View football game. It was fun, Cedar was kicking CV's butt! We didn't stay for the whole thing because we went to Off The Cuff at 9:30 so we could get a good seat. Saturday we went back down to St. George and bought some tires because we already needed new ones and there was a grand opening of the tire company in Hurricane so we got a screamin deal. After that, we went to Santa Clara to a trail called "Barrel Roll" on the river preserve and went mountain biking. It was a lot of fun. It was really pretty there too, the views were breath taking. This is the first time we have been actually mountain biking on my new bike. I was still pretty scared and clumsy but I only got a couple scrathes and a 1 big bruise, but I didn't break anything and I am still alive so I am feeling more and more confident. Our Sunbeam class is getting to be a lot better. They are learning the songs and starting to behave better. It is so much fun, they say the funniest things. Well I guess that is all for now. We hope that everyone else is having some great weekends and enjoying the last of the good weather. Carpenters Out!

This is where I dropped my bike on myself and got all tangled up in it and cut my ankle.

View over Santa Clara

View towards Bloomington
(Bottom) this is a picture of part of the trail we were riding on.

October 24, 2008


Josh and I have decided that our new favorite thing to do on a friday night is go to off the cuff at the grind coffee house. It is an improv comedy show and the people are SOOO funny! We have made it our weekend ritual for the past few weeks. It is only $5 a person and if you get a card after 3 stamps you get one free. It is from 10 to midnight and they have yummy smoothies and drinks for pretty cheap that are fun to sip on while you are listening. We haven't had any accidents with it coming out our noses or anything so thats good. They also have a class or something on Friday at 4pm in the GC109 that people can go to and play around with improv. Anyway, It is really a blast and we have enjoyed it so far. If any of you are in Cedar on a Friday night and want something really fun and laid back to do, head on over to the Grind and we will see you there!! We hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care and be safe!
Carpenters out!

October 15, 2008

I'm Back

After a really long weekend I am back in good ol' Cedar City. As you know I had 2 Dental School interviews this past weekend and they were great. I started off by going down to Las Vegas and staying with our friends Landon and Ashley. They are so great for letting me stay with them! I stayed at their house Wednesday night and Landon woke up and took me to the airport at 5:00in the morning what a stud! My flight took me to Houston and then to Philidelphia. When I got there my friend Matt Kelly came a picked me up from the airport. When in Philly it is a must to eat a Cheesesteak so as soon as he picked me up we went to a famous cheesesteak place called Chubby's. So we stopped and picked up some chubby's and went back to his apartment to eat them.
Me at Chubby's

The Chubby

Me Eating a Chubby

It was Delicious by the way. Matt and Calli were awesome for letting me stay with them. Matt took me to my interview at Temple the next day and gave me the behind the scenes tour (the stuff they don't show you on the real tour). The school was nice, a little old, but I loved it. The patient base is phenomenal right now they have over 55,000 active patients with new patients coming in every day. If I get accepted here I would see so much stuff it would be unbelievable. I thought the interview went well. It was very laid back and the guy that showed us around the school Brian Hahn was awesome. It was a group style interview and there were five of us for this one interviewer. The questions were really straight forward no off the wall questions like the horror stories you hear about. After that I sat through a lecture with Matt and then we went back to the apartment and ordered some pizza and did homework. Saturday Matt took me out on the town and showed me the Rocky Steps and I got my picture with Rocky Himself.
Me with Rocky!

This is where he stood.

Rocky must have been a heavy dude because he left these brass shoe prints!

The Steps

After I ran up the steps and made a fool of my self we went over to the Liberty Bell monument and saw that which was cool. Then we tried to get tickets to go see where the constitution was signed but they didn't have any available which was kind of a drag. Downtown Philly was really neat lot of historic places to see.
Me and the Bell

Ben Franklin's Final Resting Place

Where it all began

After the historical tour we finished off my trip at the place for Philly Cheessteaks in Philly. Jim's it was the best thing I have ever eaten I wish I was there right now.
On the Grill

After that it was back to the airport. Philly was awesome the neighbor hood where Matt and Calli lived was really nice there was a huge park in their backyard. I could really see myself living there.
So as I am sure I have mentioned before in previous blogs I had to fly clear back to Vegas and then clear back to Pittsburgh for the second interview which kinda sagged. But I am getting ahead of myself. So I flew back to Vegas where my wifey surprised me with her presence which was really nice because I really missed her while I was gone. So they took me home and I went straight to bed. The next day my flight left at 4:30 and I got to the airport in Pittsburgh at 11:30 at night. An awesome former SUU student who is now going to school at Pitt Darren Hatch came and picked me up. He was awesome he had never met me before but he came and got me way late and took me to his house and let me stay there. I didn't get to meet his wife but I hope to one day and I thank both of them for letting me stay there. Pittsburgh was really nice. It was really cool to drive into the city at night and see it all lit up. The next day Monday Darren took me to the school for the interview. The school was very nice we had an awesome brunch with the current students we got to pick their brains. The interview went really good my interviewer was awesome he made me feel really comfortable and he didn't ask me any of the normal questions at all. He just asked me about the dental clinic that I started and then we just sat and chatted it was really nice. The school was super nice and the faculty seemed really friendly. After the interview was over Darren showed me around Pittsburgh a little it seemed really nice it was a beautiful time of year to go with all the leaves on the trees turning colors. I wish that I had more time to explore the city but my flight left only 3 hours after the interview was over. After showing me around I got on a bus to the airport and flew back home. I drove all the way back home and got in at about 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Overall it was a good trip I am still trying to get on the right time but I loved every place that I visited.
This is a picture of Pitt dental school form the 36 floor of a big tall building on the Pitt campus

Carpenters Out

October 12, 2008

My Great Surprise!!

Josh has been gone since wednesday evening and I have been going crazy! The first day I cried and cried and tried to keep myself busy with homework and housework but I discovered that I am incredibly efficient and got everything done wednesday night. So, Thursday was pretty busy all day with school, work, more school, Dinner with my parents, then more work, then homework and house work. But the nights are what is hard. I don't like to be alone especially at night. I am afraid of just about everything so it was pretty scary. I did a lot of praying and that really helped a ton. It was my grandma Macklin's 78th birthday yestderday so I went to Mesquite with her and my family for the weekend and stayed at the Virgin River. We went to Vegas Saturday afternoon for dinner at this amazing Italian restaurant, Don Antonios, and had dinner. I saved some chicken parmigean and pasta for Josh and had my parents take me to Landon and Ashely's house. Josh didn't know that I was going to go with them to the airport to get him and stay the night. I almost blew it quite a few times and Landon even told Josh I had just got there but made up a cover story only to find out Josh hadn't even heard him. After what seemed like forever he finally called and said his plane had landed and we rushed over to the airport. Ashley and I went in to find him but ended up just missing him and he beat us to the car. We walked up and he couldn't believe it. He jumped out laughing and hugged me! It was so awesome to actually surprise him! He always acts like Sherlock Holmes and figures out my secrets or gets me to spill the beans. He was very excited to see me and almost as excited for the left overs I brought him. It was really nice to see him even though we didn't get to spend to much time together. He drove me back to Mesquite and we had breakfast with my family and then he headed back to Vegas to catch his flight to Pittsburgh for interview #3. He will let you all know how the interviews went when he gets back. He will be home tomororw around midnight and I can't wait! Hope everything is going good for everyone! We love you all! Carpenters Out!

October 5, 2008

Western Interview

I just got back from my first Interview at Western University. It was awesome I love the school and I love the area. The Dean Dean Koelbl was awesome and very funny. The rest of the faculty and staff were very friendly and personable. Overall I think that the interview went really well . and I am excited to hear from them in December. One down and three to go. This week I leave down to Las Vegas on Wednesday and I stay with my good friend Landon and his wife Ashley. Then I fly out Thursday Morning at 6:30 a.m. and get to Philadelphia, at 5:15 p.m. where my friend Matt is going to pick me up and let me stay with him. He is giong to take me around Philly to the Rocky steps and get a cheesesteak. Then my interview is on Friday and I fly back to Vegas on Saturday. Then I stay at Landon and Ashley's house again and I fly to Pittsburgh on Sunday, for my interview on Monday. Its pretty crazy but it will be fun I am way excited because I have never been to the east coast before. Anyway that's whats going on with us. Carpenters Out!