August 31, 2008


Camping!!!! We went camping this weekend with Our Friends JD and Ashley Westphal and their Bulldog Thor and also Jimmy and Chelsea. We went up to the Red Desert and had a Blast!! We cooked hobo dinners for dinner and then had some dutch oven peach cobbler and smores!!! I know it sounds like alot and it was. We don't don't have any camping stuff so we borrowed My mom and Dads huge tent and it looked like a palace next to JD and Jimmy's tent. It was way nice and cofortable though. The weather was perfect although it did get a little chilly at night. The stars were amazing!! We had a blast! In the morning we cooked some hashbrowns and sausage in the dutchoven, we were gonna have eggs with it but JD left them at home. douh! It was ok though it was still good. Thats purdy much it. Carpenters Out!

August 29, 2008

The end of our first week back to school

We just finished a long week of classes and crazyness. We bought all our books and went to all our classes and are getting back into the groove of things. Josh has as very hard and busy semester ahead of him. He is taking physics and biochem, two of the hardest classes possible!! Not to mention all the interviews he will be going on for dental school. I am taking my last pre requiste class(sociology 1010) and my last general this semester(history 1700). I will be all ready to apply for hygiene school as soon as we find out where josh is accepted to dental school. We are both very excited to graduate in may with our bachelors degrees in biology and minors in chemistry. we have worked long and hard and its quickly coming to an end. 14 weeks left of this semester. YAY! This is labor day weekend so we are going up the mountain to camp overnight and do some fishing and some dutch oven cooking. We are headed up with JD and Ashley Weshphal and a couple of their friends so it should be a very interesting weekend! We hope everyone is doing well and is planning something great for their long weekend!

August 20, 2008


Well we are back in the good ol' U S of A and we are very excited. School starts on Monday and we are just counting down the days until it comes. Sara goes to work at Excellent Esthetics every day at 1:00 and I just sit here doing nothing until she gets back so I can have somebody to play with. Nothing much else is new. Los Carpenters out!

August 13, 2008

Estamos en Mexico

Hello everybody this is our first blog post and right now we are in Cuernavaca Mexico learning Español. We have been here for 3 1/2 weeks and we are excited to go back home. We have had a ton of fun and we have seen many interesting places in Mexico. It is amazing here it is 70 degrees all year round and it rains here every night, and I ain't talkin just a little rain I am talking lluvia muy fuerte as they say in español (strong rain for those of you who don't speak Spanish). Anyway watch for some more pictures to come. Carpenteros out.