May 24, 2009


Sara decided now that we are done with school and bored out of our minds that she would take up quilting.  Her mom gave her a bunch of old levi's so she decided for her first quilt she would make a levi rag quilt.  Now most people when they first start quilting might try making a baby blanket just to get their feet wet and practise a little before they move on to bigger quilts.  But not my Sara.  She decided to make a CALIFORNIA KING sized quilt.  So we got online and found the demensions for the quilt and found out that it was 110 inches by 96 inches.  So then she started cutting.  It took a bout a week to cut 265, 8 inch squares out of old levi's. 

And here they are all laid out.

It is huge!!   Now most people for their first quilt would be satitsfied with a normal plain back side of the quilt perhaps a good plaid pattern but not my Sara.  She did some searching online and found a levi quilt with an American flag pattern for the back and she had to have it espesially since it is memorial weekend and all.  So we went to walmart and bought some red, white and blue material for the back side.  She then cut out those and made them into an amerian flag.

  Here is a close up of a couple of the red and white materials

Here it is all sewn together.

So she has got the backside all sewn together and as I type she is sewing the last row of levi's together.  And she just started to cut out the levi's last Saturday.  She is freaking amazing.  
I will post more as it comes along.

Family Photos

Our parents wanted to get some family photos taken before we left so here they are!  A very nice lady that Stephanie works with took our pictures and then Josh edited them in photoshop.

The Carpenters

The Carpenter Girls

Mom and Dad Carpenter

The Macklins

Mom and Dad Macklin

Macklin Girls

Tessa Boo

I really like the black and white with one thing colored!

May 7, 2009

SUU Graduation

Well we did it! We finally graduated from college. Both of us got a Bachelors in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I did it Magna Cum Laude (which I guess means that I had pretty good grades). The day was made even more special because the keynote speaker at the morning commencement exercises was President Thomas S. Monson of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! He gave the most amazing speech about learning from the past, preparing for the future, and living in the present. It was a very humbling experience to be so close to the prophet and to hear him speak to us on such a personal level. We feel so privileged to have the opportunities that we have had while at SUU. We feel that we did get a quality education and that we built many lasting friendships with the faculty and with our peers. We were very close to many teachers at SUU and we will miss our interactions with them. It will be strange not to head back to the halls of the Science building come fall. The school is actually adding on to the current science building so after this summer it will no longer be the way we remember it. We had a lot of stress and frustrations over the years but also a lot of joy and rewards because of our diligent efforts. We will definately miss the blooming trees along the sidewalk of the science building and the beautiful aroma they gave off. The campus truly was beautiful and we were very lucky to live in such a magnificent part of the world. We are moving on to bigger and better things and are looking forward to what the future has in store for us but there will always be a special place in our hearts for our alma mader Southern Utah University!! GO T-BIRDS!
After graduation Rick and Stephanie had a great BBQ at their house and so many of our close friends and family came from near and far to be there for us. They were all so supportive and helpful to us and we feel so blessed to have the families that we have. There was good food and good company and we had so much fun. Thanks Mom and Dad Carpenter for the fun night!
We also just want to thank everyone who came to celebrate this important day with us. To our parents, thank you so much for all your sacrifices, love, support, and friendship as we were working towards this moment, we could not have done it without you! We love you so much!

this is our most favorite teacher, Rachel Smetanka. She is the most amazing person and we love her!

This is us with my family right after we graduated! (Tess, My daddy, Mama, me, Josh, and Grandma Macky(my dad's mom).

Here we are with Josh's 2 grandmas, Grandma Noza(stephanie's mom) and Grandma Carol(Rick's mom)

here I am with the Dean of the College of Science, Robert Eves, and one of the SUU trustees getting my diploma.

Josh shaking hands with the trustee after getting his diploma.

(I have lots of cool pictures but for some reason it won't let me upload them so sorry its boring!)