December 5, 2009

We are still alive!!

I haven't blogged at all since I started school as I'm sure you have noticed. I have been taking pictures but haven't had a spare minute to put them up. So this will be another mega post that is super long! SORRY

Josh is doing well in school. Things are very busy and fast paced and they pack A TON of information into a short amount of time so he has been pretty stressed lately. I am doing really well in school right now as well. It is a lot of work with studying and practicing with the instruments and trying to remember all the steps to go through with patients and the stuff from class for the exams. We have finally learned how to use all the tools we will be using next term in clinic. We start seeing patients right before christmas to do x-rays and then at the first of february we will start seeing patients and doing actual cleanings!! We work on each other every week in the clinic and practice the new instrument from that week. We have clinic 2 days and one day we were the clinician and the next day the patient. Both days are equally scary! It's been very time consuming and very stressful trying to keep up with it all. I just got voted in as the class Vice President so I'm excited and nervous about that added responsibility but it will be a fun challenge I'm sure. Josh is also in the student government at his school, he is the technology rep. so he just makes sure all the computer stuff is working right. He is pretty settled and has made some great friends.

We are starting to feel more and more comfortable here in California. It is beginning to feel like home. It is still hard to not see our families at least once a week but we are hangin in there. They have actually been down to visit us several times so it has been nice. We are going home forChristmas too and I'm so excited!!! We have almost all of our Christmas shopping done and have been finding some great gifts for killer prices.

Our ward is very friendly and we are getting more involved there as well. We were just called to the activities committee together so it will be fun to work with each other. I've been trying to do as much as I can to get familiar with the members and start to really feel like they are family. Right now a lot of young couples are moving in because of school so it is great for us! It is a little far away but not to bad. There are 2 other LDS churches way closer but for some reason we are in a building on the other side of town. Our last to wards were so close we could walk so it is a bit of a change.

We have tried a lot of new food and are loving the diversity. It is kind of cool to have every store you could possibly think of and every type of food you could ever want just blocks away. In any direction we go we will run into pretty much anything that we want. I hate the traffic but i'm totally used to it now. I feel fine driving in it and I'm not scared anymore so that is a big bonus!

So here is a summary of some of the fun things we have done since I last posted. Pictures to follow shortly!

September: I went to the LA county fair with a friend right before school started. Josh and some guys from school joined a city basketball league and played every Thursday for a few months.

October: I started Hygiene school on the 5th! Halloween we went to the Sushi Cruise for all you can eat sushi with a group of friends. Josh's mom and sister came to visit for a few days and then after they left my parents stopped by on their way home from palm springs. It was really nice to see both of our families! its nice that we are so close.

November: Darci and Colby came with the Bullochs to go to Disneyland so we were able to go have dinner with them and catch up for a while. I went to Twilight with a friend from school, tried Indian food for the first time, and then went out for ice cream. For thanksgiving, Rick and Stephanie came and we made our first Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves! It turned out great, everything was delicious and nothing burnt. My family sent us some goodies to remind us of home. Then we went to lake arrowhead to see some of Josh's cousins and that night went to Mission Viejo for some ice cream. We met up with one of Rick's cousins and her family and ordered the zoo from a place called Farrel's. It was 30 scoops of ice cream with all the fixins and it was like 8 pounds. there were 9 of us and we finished it off no problem haha.

My little sister just turned 11! I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is such a sweet heart and she is a special young lady. She just got rid of all her toys and her little kid bed and moved into my old room. She got a big queen size "big girl bed" for her birthday since she is so mature now. It will be fun to see how she decorates it and makes it her own.

MMMM sushi!!!

Me and Josh with Darci and Colby at cheesecake factory!!

first day of hygiene school! Scary! our class is the Emeralds, because of our pretty green scrubs that we all wear every day!!

LA County Fair

Ice cream a the fair, If you think I look really tired its cuz I was. I didn't realize my eyes looked so weird until now haha.

Alex and I. (Josh and her BF Mike go to dental school together and she is going to school to be a hygienist too!)

Josh made Turkey and Dumpling soup with the left over turkey. It was as good as it looks. He is an amazing cook!

Josh played in the annual Turkey Bowl with our ward. My camera ran out of batteries so I didn't get any of thanksgiving weekend with his parents. Stephanie took a lot of pictures and I need to steal them from her!

Alex and I at girls night out.

In the theater waiting for Twilight to start. TEAM JACOB!! haha
Me, Cindy's friend, Cindy. She is my good friend from school. We have a lot in common and have grown really close since we met at orientation. She is a sweetie. Her friend was very nice too but I'm terrible with names. Oops!

So I know the pictures were all backwards but I'm to lazy to change it around. Hope you enjoyed them update and that everyone is doing well and is happy and healthy! Love you all. Have a wonderful Holiday season.