December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas. We spoiled each other so much it was crazy! We got gre at gifts and we were both so excited to finally get to open/use the things that we got. We started buying clear back in October so that we could pay for things as we went. We were almost more excited to give each other the presents we got than to open our own. It was crazy running around from house to house to open presents and shopping and everything else. We had a great time shopping the few days before Christmas in Las Vegas with my family and then on Christmas day we drove up to Provo to spend time with Josh's family too. We couldn't believe all the snow everywhere.Vegas still had a couple inches in some places and we hit some bad roads on our way up north. It was so pretty to have a white Christmas! We got to see Josh's Great grandma in Ogde n and also visited his Poppy and Grandma Noza in Richfield on our way home from Provo. We visited his Aunt Wendy in Heber and went to dinner with her and his cousins DJ and Brandee. We were happy we got to see so much of his family. I am overwhelmed with love for Josh and for our families. I can't help but feel extremely blessed and so grateful for all that I have been given in my life. I am especially thankful for my sweet husband. He is so thoughtful and loving and he does so much for me. I couldn't ask for more. We are both extremely satisfied with our Christmas this year and look forward to jumping on in to 2009. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Tess and my mom

The mountains just outside of Mesquite Nevada Covered in snow!

My little sister was trying to take this picture and she kept messing up so by the time we got this one she had already taken 5 and everyone was yelling at her and it was a disaster of a family picture but don't we just look so cute!? haha

Josh with the videos I bought him. It is our favorite TV series and he has been wanting it since we saw the first show almost 2 years ago.

This is me with my very own Ipod Touch!! Josh felt bad that I always get his hand-me-downs and he got me one with my name on it like his! What a Sweetheart!

My new Christmas jammies and the scarf my mama made me!

Joshy wearing his cool new sweater and holdin the iron gym my parents got him

Josh's dad snoozin

Josh's mom, great grandma and us in her cute little apartment.

December 3, 2008

Say Hello to Dr. Carpenter!!!

The big day finally came! It seemed like this day would never come yet Monday was the long awaited December First. The first phone call we got was at 6:00 in the morning from IUPUI in indianapolis (this was our second choice) but they said he was on the alternate list and that they usually bring up quite a few closer to April. We were just excited it wasn't a flat our rejection! So Josh got up and started getting ready for school and checked his email and right before we left for school he got one from Temple in Phillie and they said YOU'RE IN! We were both overwhelmed and just started to cry (I know, what boobs!). I decided that instead of waiting until Christmas, I would give him his new Ipod touch because I had it engraved on the back to say "Dr. Joshua Craig Carpenter". He was almost as excited about that than the dental school acceptances and thinks that I am the best wife in the world, even more so than before. Now we we were waiting for Pittsburgh and Western because Phillie was our last choice. At around 9 Pittsburgh called him and said that they wanted him to come to their school also! That made 2 acceptances and we couldn't have been happier, but we were still holdling our breath waiting for Western to call. They did a little after 10 and they said they wanted him too!!! I am so Proud of Josh and all the hard work and determination that he has been putting in for the past 5 years(well almost). Not only did he get accepted to 3 universities out of the 4 that he interviewed at but he got accepted to our number one choice in Pomona, CA which is only 6 hours away from good ol' Cedar City. We are just thrilled to death and are already searching for houses and I am preparing to apply to a dental hygiene school (SJVC in Rancho Cucamonga). We are going to do some Praying and soul searching at the temple to make sure that Pomona is where we are supposed to be but as of right now we both feel very strongly that it is meant to be! Now California is so close we expect a lot of visits from you all!! We will update you more on that later on!
Carpenters out

My New Haircut!

I have been wanting to cut my hair since the beginning of last year. Everytime I saw someone with short hair I loved it and would always ask Josh if he liked it. I went in february to have Kenna cut it but chickened out at the last second and cried when she cut it. It wasn't really short or long and I was really sad. I kept liking it on everyone else so the other day I called her and said "Kenna, we are cutting my hair when you come this weekend." She said "Great!" and we did it. I love it! I wish that I would have just sucked it up and done it way back when I first wanted it. She did such a good job and did exactly what I was wanting. THANKS KENNER!

Thanksgiving Break and The Christmas Spirit

Thanksgiving break was so nice! Josh and I definately needed a vacation from school. Thanksgiving dinner turned out awesome. We had 17 people there from my family and Josh's and there was tons of food! We ate ourselves silly! Then, Friday my mom and grandma took us shopping for some Christmas decorations for our house. This is our first Christmas in our own place so we didn't have much and they wanted to help. We found some great deals and my mom and I made an adorable wreath for about $10 that is much cuter than the $60 one I wanted at Roberts crafts. I was so excited that I went home and decorated right away. I love Christmas time and all the lights and pretty decorations everywhere. It just makes me smile whenever I see it. I love searching for gifts for everyone and the yummy treats and everything else about the season. I do however remember the reason that we celebrate Christmas is in honor of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Everytime I think of his life, his example, and his ultimate sacrifice or gift shall we say; I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude to him and to our father in heaven. I love the spirit of service and charity at Christmas time and I wish that it would last all year round! I feel like I am a little more patient and a little nicer at this time and I think most people are too (at least in my own little dream world). We also went to Grantsvillle for baby Carson's blessing. Josh was really excited that Jake asked him to be in the circle, it was his first time participating in a baby blessing. We love Jake and Heather's families, they are just the sweetest people and always make us feel like one of the gang. Thanks guys for inviting us! Anyway, Merry Christmas to All of you and I hope that we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas and let ourselves be more willing to be an instrument in the hands of God this holiday season. We love you!
PS: There is a lot of pictures!

The wreath we made!

I love this cute little moose!
We got this whole nativity set for $10!
"Oh Christmas Tree"

Christmas towels Grandma bought

Isn't Dawson just adorable?!
Jake and Carson
The Happy Family