June 30, 2011

Action Zip-Line Tours

We got a groupon for a zipline tour in Big Bear Lake. We went up with our friends Zack and Kendall. I was so scared at first but it was so much fun! we had a great time. there were 9 different ziplines and it was not enough! we could have played all day. Josh was going upside down and spinning and doing lots of fun things and i was too scared until the last one and I went upside down for a few seconds and it was so fun! i'm bummed I was to chicken to try it sooner.

Josh's 25th Birthday!

Josh Turned 25 on June 25th! we went to San Clemente for the weekend and stayed in a funky little surf motel called Inn at Calafia Beach. It was super cute. We had our friends Jeff and Andrea and their 2 kiddos come and stay with us. Josh and I ate at a really good restaurant on the pier called Fisherman's Restaurant. The fish and chips and the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl are so so good. We watched the surfers while we ate and enjoyed the nice cool weather. Then we went for a walk along the beach and drove around searching for the perfect spot to play. We found a locals area and got directions how to get there. It was perfect. Then later when our friends came we went to a Hawaiian restaurant and had some really great food there as well. We played games for the rest of the night and the next morning for Josh's birthday we went to the beach.

He built a sweet sand castle that I didnt' get a picture of and played in the waves on our boogie boards which I also didn't get a picture of. I'm so lame! I had a nice long nap and was so refreshed and so sunburned! For dinner that night we went to a Chicago style pizza place and had a buffalo chicken pizza and a pesto pizza.
Andrea and I told the guys we had to go get the baby's food from the car and we snuck over to a bakery and bought 2 expensive yet small cupcakes to surprise Josh with. We stopped at the store to get ice cream sandwiches called It's-it's (2 oatmeal cookies with ice cream in the middle and all dipped in chocolate). Jeff snuck in and got candles and a fire source and we met back at the room and went into the bedroom to light the candles. It was a big mess! The flame lighter that he bought was too hot and melted the "happy birthday" candles that he bought ( each letter was 1 candle) and since i only had 2 cupcakes we tried getting them all on there. So we finally got them all lit and walked out singing and the fan blew out all the candles. Josh was really surprised and when he started eating the german chocalate cake cupcake i got him he made a funny face and set it down. It was so gross! I was furious that I wasted all that money on a nasty cupcake but it was the thought that counts.

Sunday we came home and went to church and afterwards we had a bunch of our friends come over to have cake and ice cream. I tried using the candles again and they still got blown out right away and I burned my finger. They went right in the trash after that! So many people came and crammed into our little apartment. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends here. It makes being so far from our families a little easier because we have people to count on here. I was going to take a picture when everyone was here but i thought i'd eat first and then i forgot and people started leaving. I suck at running the camera. Oh well!

Happy Birthday babe! Love you so so much!


Fun San Diego Get- Away

Josh took me to a super nice golf and spa resort near San Diego to celebrate getting my license and him starting clinic. We drove down the Pacific Coast Highway which goes alongside the ocean and through all the little beach towns. It was really laid back and beautiful. We went to the San Diego Temple and did a session. I ran into a Sister Missionary there that I have known since middle school. We got to chat for a bit and she told us to check out the Mormon Battalion in Old Town San Diego so the next morning we decided to do it. We ate at a really yummy restaurant called the Old Town Mexican Cafe where they had ladies up front making fresh tortillas all day. The food was sooo good.

After lunch we walked up to the Mormon Battalion and saw the presentation. The church has remodeled and made it really really cool. as Sister Haggerty put it " it's like Disneyland, Harry Potter, and the gospel all mixed together!" and she was totally right. It was so well done. we had a great time there watching the video and pretending to be in the battalion. Josh got to dress up like a solider and we got to mine for gold outside. It was a really neat experience. If you have a chance to go to the San Diego area it is a must see!

June 2011

June was pretty busy for us. the last week of may first week of June we were back in good ol' Cedar for memorial day. We had a great time visiting with our families and friends. WE went to Zion hiking, and went to look for cool rocks with my parents out west of town. Mostly we just gorged ourselves on all the yummy food that we can't get in California.

I got my hygiene license while we were in Utah so when we got home I was able to start working. I don't have a permanent position yet but I've been doing temporary things and that has kept me pretty busy. It's nice to get a paycheck! I almost cried at the end of my first day really working as a hygienist and they handed me my check. I was so excited to finally have a career. I'm a professional RDH now and I couldn't be more thrilled! I've been working hard to find a job but things are pretty slow. Everyone wants experience and It's all about who you know so its been tough. I'm hanging in there and things are getting busier. I have faith that everything is working out just how it is supposed to.

Josh started his first semester of CLINIC! He's been seeing patients and actually getting to practice dentistry. He is nervous still but he's doing awesome! He's such a good Dentist already and he's getting better everyday. I'm so proud of him and all his hard work and accomplishments.

MAY 2011

Our friend's little girl had to get her tonsils out so we watched their adorable baby boy while they were at the hospital. Once she starting feeling better we went to Disneyland and went on all the rides she wanted. Love those little kiddos and their parents!
We went to a restaurant called "The Boiling Crab" where you choose from a list of seafood and sides and they cook them all together with your choice of seasonings and then bring it out in a big bag and set it on the table and you eat it all with your fingers . It's pretty fun and DELICIOUS, so we decided to make our own. That's what we came up with and it was just as tasty!

We went to Newport Beach with some of our friends and spent the day lounging around. I'm starting to really love the beach (I hate sand still but its getting better).