October 1, 2009

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Truck)

These are the pictures to supplement my last post about hitting the fire hydrant with Josh's truck. I'm really sorry babe, thanks for being so sweet and nice to me even though I'm sure you were REALLY MAD!
this is the good side of the truck. Not even a scratch!

This is the bad side, Little dings and scratches from trying to get it out of the snow (Jake and Heather were there to witness the big scratch right in the middle haha)

The big OOPS!!! Dang fire hydrant! came out of nowhere!

The ugly side of the truck :(

Josh helped!! This is the dent he put in it coming down the face of the mountain in the snow 3 days after he got it. This poor truck has been through a lot and we have unintentionally beat it up. But luckily, it still runs great and gets us where we need to go. Not to mention, it has an amazing air conditioner that keeps us cool in this HOT California weather. So, I think we will be keeping this good ol' truck around for a very long time. Lets just hope that was the last of our little mishaps.