February 1, 2010

Catching Up Again!

SO this is our pictures from before Christmas through New Years Eve. It was so nice to go home and we had so much fun. It made us miss Cedar even more though. It was probably harder to come back to Cali after going home for the holidays than it was to move here in the first place. Enjoy the photo fest! I'm still working on posting pictures from our 3rd Anniversary.

I finished my first term of dental hygiene school and I started seeing patients in the clinic this week. Things went well and I am doing great. Josh is overwhelmed with the amount of information he is getting but he is very active in his class. He just became the vice president of the pipeline to health careers program for the youth of Pomona and he's been really busy with that. He is also going to run for Executive President for student government over the entire university. Its a big job but he would do great and he's looking forward to that.

We bought Season passes to DISNEYLAND and have been several times since the beginning of the year. We LOVE Disneyland so much and have had a blast playin there with our friends. It is a nice break from reality and studying and the everyday stressers of life.

Christmas at the Carpenter's

Rockin out

aww precious, He had a new, bigger diamond in her original wedding ring and had it resized for her.
Shelcy's B-day/Christmas presents from us

after all the excitement of opening presents. Josh's mom just gave us big boxes with coupons for stuff in them and the amount of money that stuff was worth so we could shop for ourselves.

Grandma and Tess opening Christmas Jammies

Dad, practicing his excited face since he bought his own pajamas

Me and Tess were twinners.

showin off their cool stuff

Me and Crysta got to sit and chat for a couple hours while the boys played basketball. it was so good to catch up. I miss her

I went to lunch with Kenzie and Jarica at Brad's for old times sake.

Josh and I wearing the shirts that Shelcy bought us for Christmas. We went to St. George shopping for her birthday.

Sister in laws. So cute!

Celebrating Shelcy's 20th birthday at our family's favorite restaurant....NINJA!

Josh and 16 of his good friends from high school

Danica and Derek on New years Eve

The Bulloch Clan

Harley and Danica.

Kenna and Chase (expecting baby #2 we are so excited for them! Congrats guys!)

Andi, Darci and Colby. cute little Batty Fam

RoCk BaNd!! Chase on Drums, Josh with the vocals, and Colby and Derek playin guitar.


Tess and Chewy

Mom and Tesser

Josh- he's a rocker through and through

Mom and Dad Carpenter

Tess and Dad, I don't know what she was doing hahah. I promise we didn't drug her.

Briggsy boy showin us his cool four wheeler. He's soo big now!

Cindy and Brinja. Some of my good friends from hygiene school.

Josh's new dental clinic at his school.

Visiting his Great Grandma Carpenter. She's so sweet

Josh's new building