November 3, 2011

The Macklins come to Cali

My family came to So. Cal for their annual vacation and to visit us, of course. They spent the first 3 days in Oceanside. Josh and I drove down to spend the day with them Sunday. We ate yummy fish and chips on the pier then hung out at the beach. We had Brooklyn Boyz pizza for dinner and it was awesome! We played games and had a great time. My little sister and her friend LOVED G.V. and kept him very entertained.

Monday we went to Knotts Berry farm but unfortunately Josh couldn't go. On the drive there I was helping my dad with directions on my iphone and it said to take the 4o5 so we got off and my dad asks " So what are we looking for?" and my mom responds "I just saw a park and ride sign back there so we're probably really close...oh wait, nevermind, I'm a dork!" haha She was thinking theme park and rides not the metro. So funny! we all had a good laugh. She's so stinkin cute! We ate our traditional breakfast at the chicken restaurant there because my grandma loves the free little biscuits that they give you. There was NO ONE in the park and we walked on to every ride. We finished doing everything we wanted to do by 1, had lunch at the same restaurant and then went on more rides. I couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep on the train ride. My dad and I sat with my grandma and people watched. Celebrity sighting: We saw CHUCK LIDELL, the famous UFC fighter, there with his wife. at the end of the day they dropped me off at home and headed back to oceanside for a couple more days.

I had a really busy week with work, which I needed, so I only got to play with them monday and friday. Thursday I worked and then Josh's mom and sister came into town and dropped off something out our house and picked something up but they locked their keys inside and couldn't get back in so they ended up staying the night. we had dinner at Red Robins and then I went to stay in anaheim with my family. They headed up to Solvang and Friday we went to Disneyland all day and had a blast. It was super busy, unlike Knott's so we didn't get to do as much. It was nice to spend the day there with them. Josh came over and spent the night friday night. My parents were so sweet and got us our own condo. It was silly because we both left super early for work and only slept there but it was nice to have our own room. Josh would of had to sleep on the couch if they hadn't. Saturday I worked until noon and then went back to anaheim to see them but since it was their last day at Disneyland they decided to stay at the park until close and I can't go on weekends with my pass. Josh volunteered at Care Now LA. They brought in over 70 dental chairs and had volunteer dental professionals work on patients for 4 days straight. People starting lining up on monday to be seen thursday! he had a really amazing experience and got to do a ton of work. He loved it so much he did it again sunday morning.
Saturday night we had a super fun halloween party at my friends house. They have one every year and go all out. They do costume and pumpkin carving contests and have lots of games and treats. We wanted to go all out this year and step our game up because last year we didn't try very hard at all and did something last minute. I had a friend who made a bell costume last year out of an old prom dress she found at the thrift store. She died it yellow and made a sash for the top. It was perfect so I borrowed it and then another friend made Josh an incredible Coggsworth clock costume out of felt. My mom helped me make GV the cutest little footstool costume so we could all go with the Beauty and the beast theme. We didn't win the costume party but we did win the pumpkin carving contest. We carved the Beast. We're pretty much amazing, I know.

Sunday my parents brought my grandma to stay with us and we went to lunch and Josh's aunt, grandma, and cousin came to meet us to pick up some stuff. Josh missed out again because he was volunteering but it was nice to see everyone.

My Grandma stayed with us an extra week and was Josh's patient in the clinic. He got to do some work on her and clean her teeth so that was good for both of them. It was so fun having her here. She spoiled us and fattened us up. We played games and watched movies and spent some good quality time with her. I wanted her to stay longer but we had to take her back. I'm thankful that she was always willing to be "our guinea pig" as she puts it.

It was a crazy couple of weeks but it was so much fun. I loved having so much company and gettting to spend time with our families. We don't get to do that very often so it was a special treat!

September 29, 2011

Meet G. V. Black

We got a PUPPY!! Josh went to San Franscisco and while he was gone I picked up the little guy. We had been talking about it for years and I have been obsessing about it for the last several months. I finally decided to take the plunge! Josh thought that the dog was super cute and said that he wanted me to be happy and that he would support my decision. He is an 8 week old maltipoo (1/2 toy poodle and 1/2 toy maltese) We named him G. V. Black after the founder of modern dentistry. Nerdy, we know, but we LOVE it. We call him "Geevee". He is a very good puppy and is pretty much crate and potty trained. The first couple of days were rough for all of us as we tried to figure this all out but its getting better every day. He sleeps in his crate very well and only cries a little but we just say "no" and he stops right away. He is getting so good at going potty on his pads outside and we put him out and he will go right away and then give a little bark to let us know he's done then sits patiently and waits for us to open the door and let him in. He is shy and will only go if we don't stay out there with him. He is playful in spurts but he sleeps A LOT since he is still just a baby. He is so sweet and cuddly and he is just the most adorable little thing ever!! He is like a little teddy bear. He loves to be held and scratched and he likes to play with our toes while we eat at the table. I am a little overwhelmed with having someone else depending on me and I don't have any idea what I'm doing so its pretty scary. I feel way bad that we have to leave him alone while I work and Josh has school. He does fairly well. Some days a lot better than others. We leave him in the kitchen with every thing he needs and we put some music on for him. I know he gets lonely and bored but he will get used to it hopefully! I have been second guessing my decision to get him but then he cuddles up to us and he is learning so fast and I just don't think I could get rid of him now. We'll just all have to make it work!

September 19, 2011

The Job Hunt

So I have an amazing job at the best office every other saturday. But unfortunately it's only a half day twice a month and that just doesn't cut it financially so I'm still on the prowl for something else. I have been very blessed to have 3 different things pending. I had an interview last Friday in La Habra and then a working interview at the same office the following Tuesday. It was a little chaotic but I liked the Dentist and his treatment philosophy and the office was new and nice. Then I had an interview in Redlands on Wednesday and one of my favorite teachers works there part time also. the interview went pretty well and I have a working interview scheduled for next Friday. I also have an interview lined up at an office in Claremont very close to home that will be a great opportunity for growth from starting as a temp to eventually up to 3 days a week.
I also got a job at Western University, Josh's school, as an adjunct faculty. I will be facilitating an inter-professional case study group but only 4 times this semester and then some more next year. So things are going really well and I'm so excited to have so many opportunities. It is a little overwheming trying to decide which job to take and how to juggle all the days I already have as a temp and then part time jobs at different offices but I have faith that it will all work out just perfectly.

The Big Five-Oh

My daddy just turned 50 on Sept 16. I was able to go spend the weekend with him and my mom in Vegas. I ended up working friday from 7-2 and had to get up at 5 to get there. I then drove 4.5 hours straight from work to Vegas. I got there around 6:30 and we went to a yummy Italian restaurant for dinner. I was super boring and just went to bed when we got back to the room. The next morning they had a meeting and I took my time getting ready and took a bath in the huge Jacuzzi tub. I laid out on the balcony and wished that I could play in the lazy river. We started the day with a buffet at the Silverton and then enjoyed looking at the fish and ducks at bass pro shop. Then we went shopping and they spoiled me as usual which was nice considering it was his birthday not mine. But I'm not one to complain about gifts. Then we went back to the room and watched football and ate snacks. We only saw the first few minutes of the Utah vs BYU game but it was glorious to behold. I'm sorry to all you BYU fans but I do love Utah! We got free tickets to a comedy show at the RIO and we decided to have another buffet there first because I love the rio buffet. They have all you can eat gelato and who doesn't love gelato? SO after gorging myself for the 3rd time that day I was feeling super sick and miserable as we watched the 2 shows there at the rio. The free show in the shops was very naughty but the floats were fun and the beads were nice. Then I just went back and went to bed again. So it was a very relaxing and fun weekend with my cute parents. I'm so lucky to have such awesome parents. They do so much for me and Josh and I don't know what we would do without them. Happy Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you :)

August 29, 2011

First Job!!

I finally got a permanent job!! I absolutely love the office, the staff, and the Doctor. He is a newer dentist and he started the office from scratch so its pretty small. It has all new state of the art equipment and its super nice and comfortable. He is very friendly and values my opinion. He doesn't try to upsell and he cares a lot about his patients. I don't feel pressure to sell or to push certain things which means a lot to me. I only work there every other Saturday from 8-1. This is the first time he has ever had a hygienist and since his office is still slow he is building up to more days. Its not much but its all mine! I am just thrilled to work there and can't wait until it is more days.
I've been working as a temp hygienist for the last few months and was staying pretty busy but then things got pretty slow. I am signed up with 4 different temp agencies now and I've got my resume on several sites. I've applied to hundreds of jobs and taken my resume around to several offices around my house in about 8 different cities. I've networked with dentists at josh's school, Dentists I've worked for, people in our ward, friends, classmates, co-workers.... I've tried cold calling and online things. I called all the temp agencies again and reminded them I'm still looking and that I'm ready to work. I called all the offices I dropped my resume off at and checked on the status of openings and also sent them updated resumes. I'm doing just about everything I can think along with a ton of praying!

August has not been good to me and so far I've only worked 4 half days. I was laying in bed one morning feeling very discouraged and I just started praying and pouring the desires of my heart out to the lord. I felt a little better and I got up and started getting ready when the phone rang. It was the Dr. I had just interviewed with and he offered me the position! I was so happy I was stumbling over my words and probably sounded like an idiot. The doctor actually laughed!

I worked my first day last Saturday and it went so great! It was a little wild but we are getting things figured out and everyone survived. I felt good about my first day and I know I did my best so that's all I can ask for. Check out the office website if you'd like here

I know that if I just keep doing the best I can and staying true to my faith, God will provide a way. I know that the right job is out there and that he will lead me to it when the time is right. I'm trying hard to be patient and enjoy the time I have.

Josh and I have had some fun times together since we've both had very open schedules. It is nice to be able to see so much of each other now. We have great friends and there is so much to do here. It has been super hot so we've just kinda hung out at home and its been awesome. I'm so in love and we are so happy. I love my life and i'm grateful to be where I am. I am excited to see what the future holds for us.

August 9, 2011

The Dominican!!

We went on a week long trip to the Dominican Republic. It was an all inclusive resort for adults only right on the beach. It was so beautiful and we had an amazing time. I'm not a fan of the beach but I LOVED the beach there. the sand was soft and fluffy and felt more like baby powder than sand. The water was the most spectacular turquoise blue and was so warm with gentle rolling waves. there were tons of palm trees and cabanas around the beach and everyone was so relaxed. Some old ladies were so relaxed they decided to go topless (not pretty!).
We spent most of our time at the pool when we finally rolled out of bed around 10 or 11. Most days we woke up too late for breakfast but a couple times we called in room service. The pool was huge but it was super hot. Almost not even a relief from the heat. It was so sunny and nice up until the last day we were there. Tropical storm Emily came through and it rained most of the afternoon and all night long into the next day.
We ate so much and got to try some new interested things. We had fun going to the different fancy themed restaurants at night but just ate at the snack bar or buffet during the day. We went para-sailing and on the banana boat one day but mostly just laid around or played in the pool. Everyday this crazy guy Ramon or a lady named Yannette would do water aerobics and play music for a few hours. They were good dancers and were funny and entertaining. She said they call her Yannette, la negra sucia. Which is the dirty black lady. and I was talking to her and we were joking around and everyone said my nickname should be la wera sucia which is the dirty white girl haha. at night we would hang out in the lobby and play games or listen to music or we would go to the shops or the club. The resort was huge and we didn't ever even have to leave. We decided to just do planking in random places. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the rest and relaxation. Most of all I just loved being able to be with Josh so much. I'm still so crazy about him after all these years. I just can't seem to get enough of him so it was pure bliss to be with him every minute of everyday for 2 weeks.
We went with Martha and Gus and another couple Larry and Cindy. of course Josh and I didn't get a ton of pictures. Larry and Cindy had a nice camera and took a lot but we haven't got them yet. I'll post more later.
Our flight home got delayed due to a mechanical issue and then we missed our connecting flight from Miami to LA so we ended up having to stay in Miami. luckily it was their fault so we stayed for free and got free breakfast and dinner. It was nice to have an extra day. We have never been to Miami and we wished we would have had more time to see the city. It was really cool when we flew over though so I'm sure we will go back.