September 22, 2010

Since the Last Post....

Josh's 24th Birthday!
Josh was able to go home and visit his family for a bit while I went to school because our breaks never coincide. Then he and his dad came back and we went fishing with his uncle down by San Diego and caught a bunch of blue gills and catfish. Then we all went golfing too. Those Carpenter boys love the outdoors!

Lake Powell!
Our families went to lake Powell camping for a long weekend. We found a great little spot back in a private cove and we had a blast. My little sister was able to meet up with her friend there too so they were off playing in the water and missed this photo-op. It was nice to have a relaxing vacation with both of our families. We are so blessed to have such loving and fun families.

School School School
Josh and I have mostly just been busy with school. He started his second year and so far is doing awesome! This year has been a lot better than the first. I have been plugging along and preparing to take the national boards. The exam is 8 hours long and all on the computer. My class will be taking them on Dec. 3rd. Very scary but I think that I will be just fine. We started seeing patients 3 days a week and had a ton of requirements. It was very challenging and stressful but I got through it and I feel like I have really improved. I finished up my 3rd term of dental hygiene school and now i'm on break again. I pulled off a 4.0 again so that was really exciting! Twice in a row! Being the President has been another added challenge but I think that so far things have gone really well.

My friend Cindy from school got married and we were invited to the ceremony. It was such a pretty wedding and we had a great time. They are a cute couple and have been together a long time so I was glad to see them finally tie the knot.

Other fun things:
  • we got to go home to visit a few times and see Chase and Mckenna's new baby Brody and Danica and Derek's new house.
  • We've been to Disneyland a couple more times which is always a great time. We saw the new World Of Color show and were not impressed. It was actually a little miserable but we had fun being together.
  • Josh was in a movie called Lies at LAX with his buddy Mike.
  • We've had lots of fun dinners and outings with good friends. We have met so many nice people out here and are so grateful for our ward and all the amazing young families/couples that we have the honor of calling friends. We have so many people that are going to dental or med school too and are in the same situations as us and its just nice to have people to count on.
  • We had lots of birthday parties to go to lately for our friend's kids. Scouts 1 year, Audrey's 4 year and a few others. Most of our friends have at least 1 friend some have 2 or more so we are getting pretty baby hungry.
  • We went to a magic show in Santa Monica called magicopolis which is pretty funny. After we ate cookie ice cream sandwiches at a place called Diddy Reese! they were super cheap and really yummy.
  • VISITORS: Josh's uncle Che stayed for almost a week. A guy named Kyle from SUU came and stayed the night so he could interview at Western. He dropped Josh's name and the interviewers were really excited about that because they all just love Josh. How could you not right? Josh's cousin JD and his wife Kayla are going to stop by to visit on their way home from SD and then Josh's parents are going to come visit too. We love having family and friends come stay with us. If you are ever in the area give us a ring. California weather is always amazing and we're super close to all the fun things around here.
  • We've been to the beach, Magic Mountain, Redlands temple!! (Not all the same day
  • Our stake changed the ward boundaries so we got a whole new primary because all but 4 of our kids went to a different ward. Our Primary president is in Tunisia which is in Northern Africa, for 3 months so the other members of the presidency and I have been trying to keep our heads above water and get things all figured out. So far we are doing ok but its been a heck of a ride. Because I'm the 2nd counselor I'm in charge of scouting and I have to do a pack meeting activity next week.
Life is good! We are extremely blessed and are so grateful for all that we have been given in our lives. We are very busy and there is a lot of stress but we also have a lot of fun. We are doing well and are just as close as ever. We have really learned to cherish our time together since we see each other so rarely anymore. We are starting to feel really comfortable here and are really loving it.
I will be going home to visit our families and friends and to pick up my grandma to bring her back to be my patient. My parents will be coming in the middle of Oct. for vacation in Oceanside and Anaheim. I'm so excited that they are coming and I can't wait to see them all.