June 7, 2009

Our First Home

We finally got a house! They accepted our offer on Wednesday and on Friday we signed all the papers for our loan. Our agent called and said we open escrow on Monday and we should close 30 days from then. It is a super cute little old house in Pomona less than 1 mile from Josh's dental school. It is 14 miles from my school going the opposite way of the bad traffic so it shouldn't be bad to get to. The house was built in 1895 but has had A LOT of work done to it. They are getting new carpet right now, just painted, and are replacing all the door knobs and stuff. it is just under 1100 square feet but has a 9000 square foot lot. It has a detached garage that says it can be used as a guest quarters so we aren't sure what that is all about. From the pictures and from what we have heard it sounds perfect. We were getting so nervous and didn't know what we should do and then we heard that we got this house. We feel like it must be meant to be. We are going to go down either next week or the week after to sign papers, get inspections, check it out and get everything taken care of so we can move in! Josh's birthday is the 25th and we are going to be in Cali so we are probably going to go to Disneyland. We are just so so blessed and are truly grateful for all that we have. We are thankful for our loving heavenly father and recognize his hand in all things. We are still praying and trying to be sure that this is the right house but we both feel really good about it. Hopefully all of you will come visit us. You always have a nice, clean, FREE place to stay in Cali and you can't beat that! Thank you all for your prayers in helping us to get into a home before school started. What a wonderful life!